The HIE-RO Institute:

The Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (HIE-RO) is, in accordance with § 95 Section 1 of the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by the Senate of the University of Rostock, recognised as a non-profit Institute at the University of Rostock. The Society for the Promotion of the Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development at the University of Rostock eV is the founder and carrier of the HIE-RO.

Targets of the HIE-RO Institute

Aims of the HIE-RO Institute

HIE-RO employs the tools of education, science and research solutions for the construction, use and evaluation of entrepreneurial skills and related potential.

Applications are especially focused on start-ups and start-up support, corporate and organisational development and regional economic development, including education systems.

Competitiveness of people, businesses/organisations and regions decides entrepreneurial and compete with others to implement to a large extent on the skill, knowledge and ideas. Good ideas and the best inventions alone are not enough - it is about sustainable and demanded solutions, and a set of skills and experience.

On the success of innovation and entrepreneurship can work consistently with us, but he can not be forced . Therefore, we also aim at cultural and mental learning. This includes openness to engage in success and risks of dealing with failures and learn from them for new projects. This requires that you start - we and members of our production company therefore also support the regional initiative " just start " .

Beyond the region and the international , networked especially in the Hanseatic space cooperation for research and promotion of entrepreneurship is a core goal of the HIE-RO.

History of the HIE-RO Institute

History of the HIE-RO Institute

"History matters". Formative roots of the HIE -RO are the Research Group Mecklenburg- Vorpommern ( Regional Studies ) and the Department of Business Education at the Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Rostock (research and studies for teaching and learning economic empowerment).

1996/97 was on this basis, first the Department of HRD (Human Resource Development ) based at the University of Rostock. The work focused , supported by regional economic motives , increasingly entrepreneurial capacity building and the promotion of research and start-ups. Inspired by the gain from international cooperation, the Institute for HRD in the International Baltic Entrepreneurship Center was restructured as 2003. The end of 2005 was the renaming in today's Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development at the University of Rostock (HIE-RO).

Since 1997 the Institute is dedicated to provide solutions for the installation, use and evaluation of entrepreneurial skills and potential. Main work areas of the Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (HIE-RO) include:

  • Entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurship education at universities
  • Entrepreneurship and regional economic development in the BSR
  • Scientific monitoring and evaluation of training programs and networks
  • International Entrepreneurship Development and Entrepreneurship Education

The HIE-RO operates at the interface between research and application, business, science and politics, internationally oriented, especially in the Hanseatic room, interdisciplinary and engaged the employees .

Work and research environment / networks of the HIE-RO Institute

Work and research environment / networks of the HIE-RO Institute

The HIE-RO works independently and without public basic funding - there are next to employees and management and the development of environments that support the Institute and in which the institution must prove. 

These include: 

  • Science and Higher Education (regional, national, international); 
  • Economic and social system; 
  • Individual expectations (eg, Funder, Conveyors, seminar participants, partners); 
  • Available knowledge (eg for learning or people to build and develop networks, the dynamics of social systems, etc.). 

The HIE-RO respects and integrates with activities, principles and methods of these environments and expectations for successful solving problems and impulses. 

Profile of the institute


HIE-RO focuses on project and contract work in the fields of research and development, education and training, evaluation and scientific consulting as well as monitoring.



Our staff and freelancers are experts within their respective fields of economics, social sciences or even pedagogics. Our expert trainers and coaches for start-up training hail from all relevant fields.


You want to work with us?

For us expertise is as important as justified outspokenness and an uncomplicated character.  We also welcome innovative thinking, methodical competences, co-operational and communication skills. 



We deliver important working results in science and practice through our published working papers. For one thing, we publish the works of our staff members or project reports. For another thing, HIE-RO co-operates with the Chair of Business Education and its two publication series: Contributions to regional and structural development (Rostocker Beiträge zur Regional- und Strukturforschung) and also position papers on economic and human resource development (Rostocker Arbeitspapiere zu Wirtschaftsentwicklung und Human Resource Development).

Members of the HIE-RO Support Association

The Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development at the University of Rostock is both internally and externally structured according to managerial and executive functions. The tasks are divided between the management and administration side and the implementation of projects or the creation of cooperational and consulting processes.

The members of the Board of Directors of the HIE-RO Support Association are:

Armin Heßler

Chairman of the Board


Prof. Dr. Gerald Braun

Deputy Chairman of the Board


Katrin Steusloff



Dr. Ulrich Seidel

Pawel Warszycki