Meeting with migra e.V.



On the 30th of October the HIE-RO presented its new project "Internationalisation of SMEs" to the migra e.V. in Rostock. 

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Report on Policies, Projects & Good Practices



This report is focused on a collection of evidence, knowledge and experience through the screening of policy and user response to public transport services by collecting and analysing policy documents (relevant for the project area), good practices and projects. 

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Hanse Congress 2018


Hanse Congress 2018

From 21st to 24th June 2018, the Hanseatic City of Rostock hosted delegates, cultural producers and traders from 16 European countries during the 38th edition of the international Hanseatic Day. Interconnect was there too. 

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Interconnect - public transport is the future


Interconnect Seminar in Gdynia

A representative of the Hanseatic Institute of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development has attended the first two Interconnect project seminars which took place in Karlskrona, Sweden and Gdynia, Poland. 

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