Promoting the Entrepreneurial University in Europe


The HIE-RO-Institute (Prof. Dr. Gerald Braun) was commissioned by the OECD , Paris, to participate in an international scientific team to assess Bulgarian universities as part of HEInnovate - Promoting the Entrepreneurial University in Europe. HEIinnovate - Country Review Bulgaria.

HEInnovate is a joint programme of the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) and the OECD to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education throughout European countries.

The objective of the country-level reviews is to provide independent assessments of areas for improvement in the national framework and at the level of individual higher education institutions, together with a set of recommendations for policy action with university and government stakeholders in the country. The recommendations will target both measures that the higher education institutions may undertake themselves and policy measures that can be promoted by national government structures.

These recommendations can be shared with other countries internationally as models for further development of the entrepreneurial university