Projekt "Business Laboratory" - study visit in Rostock

21. - 24.10.2014

In cooperation with the Regional Development Agency DARR, HIE-RO hosted, from the 21 October until 24 October 2014, a total of seven Polish scientists from the region of Lower Silesia (Breslau) who had a study visit to Rostock. The aim of the visit was for the scientists to learn about the existing structures within Mecklenburg Vorpommern and to promote the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry.

Within the project "Business Laboratory" academic staff from universities in Breslau visited the Hanseatic city of Rostock. Under the programmme, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region was presented by HIE-RO which included information about those local organisations that are involved with knowledge transfer. In this, the structures of the transferal from science into the economy featured predominantly.

The Polish guests were given an overview of the regional funding programmes for researchers and small and medium-sized companies, which are aiming to promote the economic usability of scientific knowledge at state and federal level.

In addition to the theoretical side, introductions that targeted local actors were being sought with those who thematically meet the interests of the participants from the fields of biotechnology, medical technology and computer science. 

On Wednesday 22 October participants visited the Technologiezentrum Warnemünde where they received a presentation from Artoss GmbH, which focuses on nanotechnology and has developed innovative material for bone regeneration.

The following day, Thursday 23 October, the health network, BioConValley Biotechnikum Greifswald gave a presentation on its work. Likewise, there was a company presentation by a local start-up in medical technology; Physiolution GmbH has developed a new test method for the development of oral drugs and gave a presentation in the context of this as best practice for the transfer of research results over to the practice itself.

This study visit was undertaken in conjunction with Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju S.A. (DARR) development agency as part of the project "Business Laboratory ". It is financed from the Polish by the European Social Fund (ESF).




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