Final meeting on the project "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)"


On 26th of April the HIE - RO came together with the project partner, the Department of Economics of the University of Szczecin, for a final conference on Corporate Social Responsibilit (CSR) in Szczecin.

The aim of the joint project was an actual analysis and resulting recommendations for corporate social responsibility as an innovation and integration instrument for german and polish micro and SMEs.

In the morning - after a presentation of the project objectives byProf. US Grażyna Wolska (University of Szczecin)  -, the basic assumptions of the concept of corporate social responsibility was introduced. Then a a lecture on social innovation in the design of the creative potential of the region was given. The methods that were used in the research were presented by Dr. Laschewski (HIE - RO).

In the afternoon, the Polish project partners, represented by Dr. Agnieszka Bretyn (University of Szczecin) presented the joint work results from which - presented by Pawel Warszycki (HIE - RO) - conclusions about the impact and recommendations for the implementation of the concept of CSR revealed.