International Conference "Educational spaces 21. Open up!"


As part of the Open Education Festival, organized by the Center for Citizenship Education and the School with Class Foundation, on the 5th and 6th of June 2016 the international conference on "Educational spaces 21. Open up!" took place in Warsaw.

The aim of the project "Educational Spaces 2" is to develop a design of educational and learning spaces in the field of education in school.

The first day (June 5th 2016) was a Festival of over 200 Polish students, who show the effect of their work: A School with class 2.0, focused on building overall digital literacy of students, developing their critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills and helping teachers to wisely use modern technologies for inclusive and authentic learning; Code with Class a program building basic coding skills pupils and students, PE with Class developing a new approach to physical education and a healthy life style in Polish schools.

The second day (June 6th 2016) was an international conference summing up a two-year international project “Educational spaces 21. Open up!” focusing on opening educational spaces in three dimensions: physical and architectural, virtual and technological, social and cultural. The project runned by the the Center for Citizenship Education, the THINK! Knowledge Society Foundation, Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development an der Universität Rostock e.V., and the Rektorsakademien Utveckling AB, financed by the European Union Funds within the framerork of the ERASMUS + Programme.

As an expert on the subject of education Martin French,  staff at the Institute for Business Administration at the University of Rostock, was invited.




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