BSR INTERCONNECT - 3rd project partner meeting.



On 22nd and 23rd of September took place in Rostock a 3rd project partners meeting- a Seed money funding provided by the Swedish Institute. The project aims at establishing an international and cross-sectoral network of professionals able to increase the visibility of cross-border public transport on the regional, national and international policy agendas through a common view and coordinated actions.

It is expected that during the implementation of the seed funding project the team of partners competent in public transport management and regional growth expands to include representatives of the relevant thematic sectors (e.g. economic competitiveness, cross-border labour market, tourism, marketing and product branding, environmental aspects etc.) and of wider geographical areas.






The partnership originates from the previous BSR Programme initiatives in transport and regional development, such as: TransBaltic, BSR TransGovernance and RBGC..






Project partner: