Partnership agreement between HIE-RO and MECA has been signed on 1. August 2017.

MECA is a global platform for the full utilization and optimization of the excess machine and equipment that are either underutilized, idle, redundant or decommissioned by refurbishing and transferring them to areas of significant local demand to meet the diverse needs of our complex stakeholders. 

MECA is partly owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI). Thus MECA is the first public private partnership in Africa that is purely focused on Machines and Equipment for sustainable development. 

HIE-RO as a board member will support MECA in the areas of building partnerships and strategic alliances with stakeholders in Germany and Europe. HIE-RO will support MECA in identification of suitable opportunities for access to/acquisition of machines and equipment through guarantee, hire, lease, purchase and any other means. HIE-RO will also assist MECA in practical training, education and skills acquisition in the area of repairs and maintenance of machines and equipment.

Dr Lutz Laschewski of HIE-RO has been appointed Non-Executive Director on the Board of Directors of Machine and Equipment Consortium Africa Limited for the period of three years.