HIE-RO tightens cooperation with MECA



Mr Kester Audu, a representative of Nigerian Machine and Equipment Consortium Africa (MECA) has paid a two day visit to The Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development at the University of Rostock (HIE-RO) on the 18th and 19th of January 2018.

Mr Aidu’s visit to HIE-RO was a next step to tightening the cooperation which was cemented between the two organizations by signing partnership agreement in August 2017.

During the visit, Mr Audu has presented an “Agricultural machine repairs, maintenance and management service scheme,” a major project to refurbish agricultural machines and equipment in Nigeria. The project should significantly contribute to the enhancement of Nigerian national food security and allow for creation of jobs within farming and non-farming communities and youth empowerment through the development and deployment of technical skills. 

Within the project, HIE-RO will support MECA in the field of capacity building, structural development, entrepreneurial and technical training as well as in building partnerships and strategic alliances with stakeholders in Germany and Europe.

On the photo, from the left: Mr Pawel Warszycki - HIE-RO executive director, Dr Lutz Laschewski - HIE-RO appointed non-executive director on the Board of Directors of MECA, Mr Kester Audu of MECA, Mr Marian Cihon and Mr Marco Mazouzi - HIE-RO project researchers.