Strengthening entrepreneurial environment in Qatar


The Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and Qatari Platinum Intelligent Consulting LLC have signed an agreement for cooperation on strengthening entrepreneurial environment in Qatar.

The partnership promises a relationship that would be beneficial to both organization at all levels, aiding in job creation and development of regional strategies considering the importance of cultural, social and human capital preservation and enhancement. Both parties seek a strategic alliance focused on unlocking contribution of German businesses, who are interested in harnessing the strengths, resources and advantages offered by each of the parties, for the purpose of strengthening achievement of the objectives of this agreement in Qatar and other Arab countries at large. 

The following are the key strategic objectives of the cooperation defined for this cooperation: 

  • Development and implementation of actions towards fostering sustainable diversified economy that gradually reduces dependence on hydrocarbon industries, enhances the role of the private sector and maintains competitiveness in Qatar,
  • Training and support for entrepreneurs is a basic precondition for enabling the private sector to carry out its required role, besides providing financial and non-financial support mechanisms that will help engender and advance small and medium-scale enterprises,
  • Promotion of technological and non-technological innovation based on cooperation with German organisations and companies towards strengthening blue and green growth, 
  • Development of  B2B structure / platform to unlock business potential between companies from Germany and Qatar,
  • Development and implementation of a common training curriculum focused on strengthening of entrepreneurship, especially start-ups and cooperation between German and Qatari companies,
  • Contribution to the establishing of a framework for unlocking better use of existing work-force, and combating unemployment.