Migrants and refugees from the Rostock area at HIE-RO


On February 25 and 27, 2019, migrants and refugees from the Rostock vicinity gathered at HIE-RO to learn more about the project  Internationalization of SMEs.

During two days of the last week of February, HIE-RO staff welcomed migrants from the Rostock area who have shown interest in joining the Internationalization of SMEs project. The meeting aimed at explaining the project’s philosophy, motivation, structure as well as recent activities to the migrants.

On the other hand, the migrants had a chance to express their expectations about this project, which follows an entirely new approach when the utilization of migrants for the local economy is considered. 

Later, the applicants were informed about the road map of the project and how they themselves could benefit from the project in the future – for example by attending an entrepreneurship training or by transforming their valuable knowledge and expertise about Middle Eastern markets to job opportunities in German companies that are looking for business cooperation in that region.