Interconnect - Work Package 5 meeting in Rostock


Interconnect project partners focus on future governance and institutionalisation, a topic addressed by the Work Package 5.

On 12th April 2019, project partners from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, and Sweden met in the premises of the Rostock City Hall to discuss Interconnect Work Package 5 which addresses an institutional dimension of public transport systems in serving regional and cross-border travels. It aims to connect the stakeholders representing various competence sectors of relevance to the public transport, towards a more systematic cooperation across the state borders in the South Baltic area. The Work Package 5 is co-lead by the City of Rostock and Guldborgsund Municipality and it has these specific goals:

  1. Assess the roles of public transport stakeholders in the partner areas in shaping mobility policies,
  2. Identify cross-sectoral impacts of public transport and its ability to provide durable gains for the sustainable development in the South Baltic area,
  3. Gather knowledge about existing public transport governance models and cross-border cooperation frameworks for potential use in the South Baltic area ,
  4. Design and encourage a feasible governance scheme for public transport in the SB area based on the cross-sectoral and cross-border dialogue.

HIE-RO will arrange a series of regional governance seminars with the public transport stakeholders, including associated partners and decision-makers for local/regional mobility policies in the partner areas to debate how to combine the planning and management expertise in public transport with the competence available in other relevant sectors, such as: economic competitiveness, cross-border labour market, tourism, marketing and product branding, environmental aspects etc.