Interconnect - Team work towards the main outputs


HIE-RO and BTH met in Rostock to work together on products for the Interconnect Work Packages 3 and 4.

As the Interconnect project is about to conclude in the first quarter of 2020, project partners are gearing up to deliver products required to achieve the objectives of the Interconnect project. That is why representatives of HIE-RO, BTH and an externaly contracted expert met on the 25th September and 5th November in Rostock.

The focus of the meetings was on two deliveries: Main Output 1 – „Proposals for sustainable solutions in regional and cross-border public transport services“ – a joint product with proposals for sustainable public transport solutions (so called ‘low hanging fruits’), derived from what kind of change is expected by the public transport actors and target groups in the quality and sustainability of regional and cross-border public transport services in the South Baltic area. The proposals will be based on stakeholder expectations for the public transport of the future, market needs investigation and conclusions on adjusting the regional and cross-border public transport services to mobility needs of suburban/rural communities. Main Output 1 is a result of the works in Work package 3, led by HIE-RO.

„Implementation of a multi-stakeholder planning model for public transport services” or in other words, customised evidence-based model to public transport needs and a planning tool to improve public transport that is in line with the FSSD principles* was the second area of focus during the meeting between HIE-RO and BTH.

*If you want to know more about FSSD principles, follow this link.


Meeting in Rostock