Completed projects

Here you can find short presentations of our completed projects and can follow the respective results.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

New research in Micro- and SMEs












The concept of CSR is a key instrument for developing corporate structures - in particular in the field of promotion of innovation and in order to support socio-economic development processes at local, regional , national and global levels.

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Warnow Valley

Development of the "Warnow Valley" into a competence center for the cultural and creative industries 










The goal of the project is to significantly advance the development of the cultural and creative quarter Warnow Valley, which has been home to around 50 creative companies. 

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Educational spaces 21. open UP!

Development of innovative, modern strategies for education in school


In the project "Educational Spaces 2" the HIE-RO-Institut - together with partners from Sweden and Poland (Fundacja Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej, Fundacja Rozwoju społeczeństwa Wiedzy Think! Rector Academies Utveckling AB ), is developing a design of educational and learning spaces in the field of education in school.

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BSR InnoReg

Strenghtening Innovation Governance in Baltic Non-metropolitan Regions through Transnational Cooperation


The Baltic Sea region is recognised as an attractive and dynamic territorial cooperation area in Europe.

The new EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region aims to support balanced economic development across the area. With increasing global economic challenges and uncertainty, all regions must react more quickly and address global and environmental challenges by innovating more to improve competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region as a whole. 

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Rostocker Existenzgründungsinitiative




The Rostock start-up initiative included qualitative and quantitative research on Academic Entrepreneurship. A training program has been developed which specifically trains key competences of potential founders. Roxi has been recognized as best practice by the OECD for the promotion of business start-ups.

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South Baltic Operational Programme 2014-2020

Experts study and program design


The South Baltic Programme is a multilateral cross-border cooperation program between the European countries of the southern Baltic Sea. The core idea is to strengthen European cooperation with a focus on the promotion of networking projects of the Baltic Sea. 

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Capacity Building Project

training programme


The aim of the Capacity Building Project is to support participation in the South Baltic Programme, particularly among local authorities and NGOs who constitute the target group of the Project.

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Atlas of the industrialisation of the new states of Germany

Analysis of the economic development in Eastern Germany


HIE-RO is designing an additional study with the objective of encouraging an official discussion about the status quo of development in the eastern states of Germany. It aims to identify the effects and challenges, as well as actions required in the eastern part of Germany.

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South Baltic Training Programme


The "South Baltic Training Programme" (SBTP) is an EU project in the South Baltic Programme. The aim of the project is the progressive internationalisation of the labour market, vocational training and cross-border cooperation in the southern Baltic.

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Design EntrepreneurSHIP

intercultural training programme


Design EntrepreneurSHIP is a project with partners from Poland, Sweden and Germany. The target group includes students and graduates from the fields of economics, engineering and the different design disciplines (art, design, architecture, etc.) and SMEs that specialise in product and industrial design.

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'Out-of-School Children' - Zimbabwe

'Second Chance Education' programme


Commissioned by the German Agency of International Cooperation (GIZ, Eschborn) the Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (HIE-RO) conducts a Scientific Counselling Project ‘Second Chance Education’ in Zimbabwe.

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