Rostocker Existenzgründungsinitiative


Around the world, the environment for entrepreneurship has never been so unstable, uncertain and highly competitive as it is now. With the increasing complexity therefore human style creativity is increasingly recognized as a key success factor.

What competitors ultimately cannot copy alone is the potential of individuals and the efficiency of an organisation.

Entrepreneurial skills should be defined accordingly. The increase in organised complexity in all areas of life requires the OPENING of training grounds that are strong in terms of the perception and skills for dealing with complex issues.

ROXI opens up a training ground to call for entrepreneurship and start ups!

The goal of ROXI is to: a) improve the conditions for successful founding or establishment of business; b) the SUPPORT of the founding process available via effective training courses and c) the support of a better founding dynamic in the region.

For the purpose of implementing the Institute of Human Resource Development was originally established at the University of Rostock. With support from the University and especially by the resources provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs , the project concept was able to be realised. The ROXI entrepreneurship training was awarded sponsorship in 1999.


The main objective is a training concept for entrepreneurs which is developed with modern methods of adult education (action learning).  This gives, on the one hand, fundamental economic knowledge while, on the other hand, it provides practical knowledge for successful entrepreneurial activity (entrepreneurial skills).


Training concept

ROXI training methods are taught, markings for the participants to use at the thresholds of their stages of life and career steps for analysis, clarification, idea generation, planning and implementation priority and over again. 

It is working on the release and strengthening entrepreneurial skills which today of project managers, managers or department heads (intrapreneurship) similarly be required, as a prerequisite for successful activity of entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurship).


  • Development of entrepreneurial skills that you need as a team / project or department heads and clarification of career options (intrapreneurship). 
  • Development of their own entrepreneurial skills, identification of a tragfähigen concept and gradual development of the Geschäftsplans (Entrepreneurship).



The economic basis of knowledge derived deductively from learning experiments / Simulationsübungen . Participants shall individually and in small groups with other participants through exercises that come their FUTURE entrepreneurial activity very close to where they compete with competitors that exist in the market or fail .

Through this practical approach is an experimental field opens up in which the participants learn by experience persönliches knowledge and make mistakes kits Publications ( and should) , not only to abstract understanding of important business connexion , but to understand completely intact in their relevance.



The transfer of learning into your business strategy takes place in the course in the accompanying , gradual development of your Geschäftsplans . Market analysis, marketing strategy , production, management and organization , financial planning and finance are the topics here . Planning, negotiating, communicating , cooperating , queries from the implementation of techniques be exercised regularly. Graduates gain security in relation to the realization of basic "soft skills" .





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