Internationalization of SME

As a result of taking refuge and asylum, many highly qualified people, including engineers, business people and academics, have come to Germany. One of the main tasks of the project is to sensitize local entrepreneurs to the potential of involving these specialists. Furthermore, efforts are being made to set up a cooperation platform with which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), migrants and network partners can exchange ideas.

The structure of the project is divided into five main areas:

  1.     General project management and communication
  2.     Expansion of the network and deepening of existing cooperation with actors from the target regions
  3.     Further establishment of contacts to SMEs / deepening of existing cooperation relationships with SMEs
  4.     Expansion and cultivation of contacts with refugees and migrants
  5.     Networking and capacity building among SMEs and refugees  from MV and actors in the target regions

In the first months of the project, the focus is set on the further development of a network to various organizations from MV as well as contacting local SMEs and refugees. With the help of various means of conversation, both SMEs and the refugees addressed should be convinced of cooperation activities.

The next step is to create databases with profiles for the people and SMEs that have agreed to cooperate in order to integrate them into the project in the long term. Due to the demand and existing skills in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the focus is on the areas of mechanical engineering, agriculture, renewable energies and construction.

The SMEs shall be convinced to work with refugees that possess over important skills through e.g. individual contact (face-to-face), round tables, meetings, workshops and intercultural training measures. This will help to bring entrepreneurs and migrants together. The HIE-RO supports the participants in arranging initial joint discussions and will ensure that the discussions will continue in the future. The project is financially supported by the European Union.

Team and Contacts: