A compilation of different perspectives on a similar topic allows comparisons and widens the view onto a bigger picture. Some basic commonalities of the collected studies and contributions on entrepreneurship promotion in the regions of the BEPART partners are: 

• The interplay of theoretical thought with practical application in this policy field is to a mutual profit;

• The so called ‘knowledge society’ is a shared overall challenge to regional and entrepreneurship development. The perception of this challenge appears to be a major reason as to why universities increasingly embrace an active role in this field;

• Most of the regions which are described here are so called ‘intermediate’ and ‘rural’ regions. For them, demographic change and mobility implies common threats of ‘ageing’, ‘emigration’, ‘loss of human capital and of innovation capacity’, and lastly, a loss of regional attraction for potential entrepreneurs; a crumbling of creative settings;

• Investing in the cultivation and support of entrepreneurship is regarded as a key-approach to counter such threats, thereby strengthening the endogenous growth resources of the regions









  • From Regional Knowledge to the Entrepreneurial Region
  • The Role of University Education in the Aarhus Region, Denmark
  • An Example of Regional Collaboration in Entrepreneurship Promotion and Development – Häme Region
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion from a University of Applied Sciences’ Point of View. The Case of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Kainuu Region
  • Regional Development Strategies and Entrepreneurship Promotion in the Kaunas Region
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion in the Małopolska Region
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion in Research Environment The Case of Oulu University
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion and Regional Development in the Region Middle Mecklenburg/ Rostock (MMR)
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion in the Stockholm Region
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion in Estonia and the Region Northern Estonia
  • Entrepreneurial Challenge for University and its Region in a Transition Country: Case of Tartu, Estonia
  • Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Promotion in the Region of Twente



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